​​​​​​​​​Lowcountry Field of Dreams,

originally known as Camp Hall Field of Dreams, is a 501c3 (46-3539316)non-profit

organization founded in 2005 by volunteers.

Our mission is simple, to offer the opportunity to children with lifelong/

life-threatening illnesses to get outdoors and make memories hunting

and fishing. 

These boys and girls range in ages from 10 to 15 and each child’s skill level varies.  Some of these children have never caught a fish or shot a gun but we wish them to harvest their first trophy bucks with our organization. 

Adult guides are assigned to each hunter/fisher for the entire duration

of the hunting/fishing experience.  We also supply the children with

necessary gear for the hunt including guns and ammo.

Our camp is located in Ridgeville, SC and is on an old German war camp called

Duke Camp.  These special children and their families camp in these cabins

for the weekend while getting the opportunity to fish as well as hunt dove, turkey and

deer throughout the year.  As safety is one of our utmost concerns, all participants

will attend hunter’s safety course with unlimited range time. Volunteers will

provide 3 meals per day at each of these campouts with unlimited snacks and drinks to everyone.  Each child gets a certificate and is recognized at the end of each weekend.

The children have so much fun and form lifelong friendships with the other children as well as their fishing guides and huntmasters.

Our annual fundraising banquet makes these trips possible by generous donations from local business sponsors and countless hours from our volunteers.

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Making Memories in the Great Outdoors

Lowcountry Field of Dreams